What is traffic source?

Traffic Source is a custom string attached to Kuoll record, allowing you to distinguish between traffic that has different value to you. It could contain, say, a name of a marketing campaign allowing you to understand how various errors affected the conversion of that particular campaign.

Configuring traffic sources

The traffic source for the record is set using kuoll.setTrafficSourceName(string) method. It’s available as soon as Kuoll snippet is added to the code, and should be called immediately after the snippet. It may not be called after an error, or e-commerce step is reported by Kuoll.

If no traffic source is set explicitly, hostname (document.location.hostname) is used as a default value.

Each record may only have one traffic source. If your traffic source consists of few independent characteristics, you can combine them into a single string and use that as the traffic source.

Using traffic source to filter data

At your Losses Dashboard, you can select any number of traffic sources to limit conversion statistics to them. The Traffic Source Filter contains all traffic sources for the period chosen, from which enough data is accumulated to show any conversion statistics. If there is only one such traffic source, the filter is hidden, and all the data is displayed.

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