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Automated error monitoring. Built around e-commerce KPIs.

Only blockers

With Kuoll, you will not be distracted by minor and unimportant errors. Kuoll shows only blocking issues and sorts them by revenue impact.

Agile process

Revenue-focused real-time error detection is the perfect fit for frequent release cycles and agile teams.

From alerts to fixes

In addition to detecting errors, Kuoll performs session recording and logging of debugged information.

Kuoll features overview

Revenue loss reports

Take an overview of your revenue losses. Navigate down to specific issues (such as checkout errors) and user sessions. Fix bugs to get your revenues back.

Data analytics

Analyze missed profits with the detailed data provided, including user events, network error codes, their descriptions, etc.

Timely alerts

Keep your dev team up to date on production status. Smart, no-spam alerts allow developers to fix critical issues ASAP.

Steps to reproduce

User session steps provide insights on how to reproduce a particular problem on a e-commerce server or front-end. DOM snapshots and XmlHttpRequest calls allow investigating issues even further.

Kuoll’s monitoring requires almost no effort to integrate.

How it works


Kuoll gets data about errors and e-commerce analytics events


Kuoll real-time data analytics determines critical issues


Kuoll shows critical errors on dashboard and sends alerts

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